Methamphetamine: A Highly-Addictive Drug

A drug-related crime is one of the very serious offenses that a person can commit. Though the severity of the penalties awaiting those convicted may differ among states, two things are sure to be the same: costly fines and a lengthy jail term. However, the real destructive effects of a criminal conviction sometimes do not end in the prison cell; these will rather continue to hound charged and convicted individuals even after they have already served their sentence and will go on affecting their professional and private lives, and will even entail a host of other negative effects, like denied or limited international travels, lost child custody, and difficulty finding employment or even a place to stay.

Besides crimes that can be directly associated with drugs, like trafficking, possession, manufacture, distribution/selling and use of banned substances, which include marijuana, heroin, opium, cocaine, and methamphetamine, there are also offenses committed by some users, these being the effect of the drug in their behavior.

Whichever type of illegal substance is involved, the crime is definitely serious, especially if there is a large quantity of drugs involved. Due to this, those who get charged with a drug crime are definitely in need of the best defense which can come only from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who can also guarantee commitment to a client’s cause.

One particular drug, methamphetamine (also known under the names meth, ice, chalk and crystal), is a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant drug. Any Cape Cod drug crimes attorney will be aware that it’s classified as a Schedule II drug under the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s Controlled Substance Act (CSA) due to its high potential for abuse.

Many consider and actually use methamphetamine as a recreational drug due to the pleasurable intoxicating or “high” effect it causes, and the positive emotions and feelings it creates, in the user. For medicinal use, it carries the name Desoxyn and had been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and exogenous obesity (obesity caused by factors that are outside the patient’s control).

Regardless of use, methamphetamine remains to be a dangerous substance due to its highly addictive qualities and ill effects in the user. There may be instances, however, wherein people who need the drug for medicinal reasons or who might need it to overcome social anxiety, increase energy, bolster self-esteem, or just satisfy their curiosity regarding its effect, are chanced upon by authorities, ending up getting charged with a crime which they believe they do not deserve.

A methamphetamine-related charge can be quite serious, thus, people charged with the crime should seek legal assistance from an experienced lawyer, who may be able to protect them through a well-planned defense which may either reduce or dismiss altogether the charges brought against them.